Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blog #94 Legacy

A poem about my family’s faith (2007)

Grandpa Robert climbed in a window

To preach his first Sunday sermon!

Although he came in a different way,

The congregation said,

“Next time use the door!”

When eighteen miles is a great distance,

“Too much for the horses, they need a rest!”

No love was lost when,

The Priest slapped a grown man,

Over spilled holy water…oh my!

So in eighteen hundred and sixty four,

The Hoffman women were gathered plus four men,

To establish a church on the wide and open prairie,

To summon all to answer Christ’s call,

To preserve their faith for more generations.

My grandma Minnie is of sterling stock,

Among the few Baptists from Poland,

Who come to this place,

She married Catholic who languished,

But her children knew her faith.

You see Grandpa Fred was no slouch,

He stepped up when the minister was out,

“I just talked,” he said, “and not preached.”

Uncle Dave was more of the preaching sort,

Telling people of the Christian Destiny.

His father named Dave, the grandson of two preachers,

The one who used windows, the other the door,

Who instilled the values of faith,

While having his own so great,

Meetings were held in his house to pass the Good News.

Four families, one faith,

Who keep it passing,

From generation to generation,

A great history and legacy,

Yet Christ’s work isn’t done.

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