Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Royals, Royals, Royals

How Many Names do YOU have in your Family Tree Maker File?
I'd really like to thank cousin Lucy Cuthbert (current Duke of Northumberland's niece) for marrying into the Saudi Royal Family, it helped me add 200 names to my family tree. I'm trying to add as many royal, princely, and noble families into my Family Tree Maker File. I'm done with the Belgians and have 75-90% of the other royal houses done. I now have 30,000 names in my family tree.

Yes, I continue to do work on my lines (mainly the Breese's) but after a while you come to a brick wall and you need to take a break...and wait for more information to get digitized. So I've been adding royals and famous people to the family tree. It's been a fun experience.

Things I've Learned:
There's plenty of Uncle-Niece Marriages between families. (EWWW!)
You can see the progression of countries.
You can end an empire through the marriage bed. (hmmm, I can see why the Byzantine Empire fell)
All Royal, Princely, Ducal, and Noble families are related some way.


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