Thursday, August 4, 2011

#93 Surname Resources

A New Direction

I thought this week, I’d thought I share websites that I use for the surnames that I research. First Surname will the Breese Family. Warning, this is not a complete list of Breese Websites. These websites are not presented in any particular order and I will try to include some little blurb about the site. this website has not been updated since 2004, but it is a start for Breese research. This site perpetuates the story that there were four Breese brothers who came to America and that one of the brothers was the ancestor of Samuel Finley Breese Morse. I usually hit up the forums to see if anyone is looking for the Breese’s I’m looking for. More often than not, I have to post something announcing what I’m looking for. This is the Breese forum. I do not usually use this message board for Breese research. - This is the Breese surname forum I prefer using the message boards. I don’t know why. This is the Breese forum from in partnership with I’ve met so many people through this website and I hope that in the future someone will find what I’ve written and will help me out. this is the Breese page for the Sidney Breese line, the ancestor of Samuel Finley Breese Morse. There is one famous Breese featured on the page and that is Kidder Randolph Breese, however the authors of the site do not have him connecting to anyone in their family. this is another Breese line -Moses Breese, and if you’re descended from them this is the site for you. There is a new theory that Moses Breese is descended from Cornelius Breese the brother of John Breese. This web page is done by another branch of the John Brees family. She ties to include a little something on each of John Brees and Dorothy Riggs’s sons Kari also posed the book her uncle wrote about the Breese Family. - Lori Breese Krout’s Breese site is more than ten years old, but you can get a start here. It mainly focuses on John R. Breese’s son Silas Gildersleeve Breese. Lori has done a ton of work over the years on Breese genealogy. - This is Lori Krout’s new Breese website. It’s not completely done yet, but I thought I’d give her a shout out. It is very well done and mainly focuses on her line as a start, but she does eventually want to have a little something on each line.

Well these are a few websites that can be used for Breese Genealogy Research. This by no means is complete, but it is a start. If you have any suggestions for Breese websites please post them! If I get enough, I can post another list of Breese genealogy websites.

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