Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog 83: Genealogy Goals for 2011

Plans for the new year

This is the song that’s stuck in my head now…

My main goal is to continuing updating the John R Breese line, eventually putting together a new book for any cousin who wants it and to donate it to several libraries and historical societies. (Basking Ridge would be the first place to receive a copy.) It is about time that such a book exists and the John R. Breese Line gets updated. I believe the oldest information that was published is over 50 years old. It’s too old in terms of genealogy!

I am currently working on Caroline's line. It's been long, interesting and frustrating. I can't wait until the 1940 Census comes out because it would answer a ton of questions. Surnames involve the Hamlins, Burdicks, Suydams and Bennetts.

I also need to get to the library more. There is only so much I can do with Google and Bing. I need better resources that a library can provide me.

I also need to get on family search again. I’m shocked that it has been updated and I can access tons of new information.

I would like to find out if photo exists of Charles Cutter.

This is not necessarily a goal, but I want to start going across the Atlantic with correspondence.

I’d like to figure out if Denny Hamlin is a descendant of John R. Breese. It would be neat to see, because he would be the closest celebrity cousin I would have. It also means that I would have no problem shoving anyone over a bridge if he gets picked on by the buffoons in NASCAR.

For me personally I need to stop being overly aggressive with people when it comes to getting information.

I also plan on not sharing information unless I asked. I find that there are plenty of people who get what I send them but do not reciprocate. I’m trying to get my files updated to prepare to share in a published work.

This so far are my goals for 2011, goals change and I’m sure I’ll find other goals to make as I continue to research my family tree.

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