Wednesday, January 26, 2011

85: Hamlin-Breese Work

So Far

This is the work I have done on the Hamlin line, if you are a Breese descendant coming from Caroline Breese who married William Brown and you have something to add, please contact me. This line hasn’t been updated since the 1950’s.

1 Addie Brown 1866 - 1936

.. +Horace Edwin Hamlin 1859 - 1930

... 2 Harry Edwin Hamlin 1888 -

....... +Josephine Dell 1889 -

........ 3 Kathryn R. Hamlin 1913 -

........ 3 James D. Hamlin 1915 -

... 2 Maude M. Hamlin 1890 - 1947

....... +Milton C. Swartzbaugh 1891 - 1953

... 2 William H. Hamlin 1892 - 1979

... 2 Margaret Hamlin 1894 -

... 2 Mildred Hamlin 1897 -

... 2 Unknown Hamlin 1900 -

... 2 Florence L. Hamlin 1902 - 1981

....... +Lake

... 2 Archie R. Hamlin 1903 - 1978

....... +Margaret Andre 1903 -

........ 3 Thomas Hamlin - 1957

... 2 Louise Hamlin 1906 -

... 2 Olive May Hamlin 1907 - 1992

....... +Shields

........ 3 Richard Shields

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#84 Not So Wordless Wednesday

Going Fishing for a Heath

This is my Aunt Eliza Lindsley Breese Heath. She married Thomas Heath and had several children. This is all I know!

Again, like the Sarah Picture, I’m posting this photo in hopes of one of her descendants finds one and contacts me. I am trying to get all of John R. Brees’s kids updated.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog 83: Genealogy Goals for 2011

Plans for the new year

This is the song that’s stuck in my head now…

My main goal is to continuing updating the John R Breese line, eventually putting together a new book for any cousin who wants it and to donate it to several libraries and historical societies. (Basking Ridge would be the first place to receive a copy.) It is about time that such a book exists and the John R. Breese Line gets updated. I believe the oldest information that was published is over 50 years old. It’s too old in terms of genealogy!

I am currently working on Caroline's line. It's been long, interesting and frustrating. I can't wait until the 1940 Census comes out because it would answer a ton of questions. Surnames involve the Hamlins, Burdicks, Suydams and Bennetts.

I also need to get to the library more. There is only so much I can do with Google and Bing. I need better resources that a library can provide me.

I also need to get on family search again. I’m shocked that it has been updated and I can access tons of new information.

I would like to find out if photo exists of Charles Cutter.

This is not necessarily a goal, but I want to start going across the Atlantic with correspondence.

I’d like to figure out if Denny Hamlin is a descendant of John R. Breese. It would be neat to see, because he would be the closest celebrity cousin I would have. It also means that I would have no problem shoving anyone over a bridge if he gets picked on by the buffoons in NASCAR.

For me personally I need to stop being overly aggressive with people when it comes to getting information.

I also plan on not sharing information unless I asked. I find that there are plenty of people who get what I send them but do not reciprocate. I’m trying to get my files updated to prepare to share in a published work.

This so far are my goals for 2011, goals change and I’m sure I’ll find other goals to make as I continue to research my family tree.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#82 2010 Year in Review

Where My Leads Have Taken Me

Well 2010 has flew by and now it's 2011. So where has genealogy taken me? A little late for a year in review, but I've always been a bit of a rebel.

Starting this year I rediscovered my cousin Lori Breese Krout And have been communicating with her once in a while.

Of course through Lori I meet the Glass sisters Ginny and Marta. They are the daughters of Marion Breese Glass, who has done a ton of Breese research. We met them at their reunion and found a picture of Colonel John R. Breese!!! This of course was the find of the year

I of course have friended the girls on Facebook and Marta has proven to be willing to help me out in my search.

I also met a few new cousins from my great-great-granduncles David Raynor Breese, John Breese, and Henry Manderville Breese over the e-mail. I'm not sure where this will lead but hope that I can get some good information from them.

I also started work on gathering and updating information on Caroline Breese and her husband William Brown. What I know about the family so far comes from Col Brees if Basking Ridge. I have since added more, finding the names of the husbands of Caroline's daughters and have discovered her grandchildren. I've also traces their movement to Illinois and nothing beyond. Working on this branch will take a while because the information is scant.

In other news I now have photos of my great-grandma and my great-great-grandpa's headstones, thanks to Find a Grave and their volunteers. Thank you very much.

Speaking of my grandpa Pollock, I discovered something shocking on the Kearney website...according to the cemetery list grandpa pollock died of a gunshot wound. One day I will have to look into that.

On top of my research I've been helping my dad out redoing his file. I've been opening up my archives for him...I have a lot more information on the Breese side of the family. It also involved giving him all my censuses.

I've also been blogging on this blog for a year on this blog!!! I hope to move forward into my 2nd year!!!

PS The Princeville Heritage Museum has a new why don't you go and check it out at ?

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